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    MEDIMAR was founded in 1979 by Lazaros Marinos. We were rapidly developed. Since the beginning, we practiced innovative and customer oriented promotional methods in the Pharmaceutical market and gained a dominant position in the field of Dermatological products.

 In 1982 we began the production of innovative dermatological products thus offering solutions in chronic Dermatological diseases.

 We are focused on knowledge, continuous search, and dedication in the smallest detail. We also have excellent cooperations with exceptional scientists. With all the above, we shaped a steady and consistent course of development that established us both in Doctors and Consumers.

 We put into circulation products with unique compositions that address to the Pharmaceutical market and Hospitals. We connected with the most reliable companies worldwide and we represent them in Greece. Thereby we offer a wide variety of products in Greek market which constitute the most ideal solutions in several dermatological problems.

 Since 2000 we have started the production of medicines either covering market’s gaps or innovating in their use.

 In 2001 we acquired medicines from Boehringer Ingelheim and we passed into the wider field of medicine, creating a network around Greece.

  In 2003 we launched the Department of Respiratory Devices providing excellent services and modern products in patients with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and Sleep Apnea Syndrome. This Department operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

 Our daily routine and our operations are governed by the Principles of Total Quality Management and are according to the Quality Demands of the International Standards of ISO 9001 (Certifier: LRQA Business Assurance).


Here you can find the full list of Medimar's Medicines and all the information about them. Click on the link and read the detailed information about our medical products.
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Here you can see find the full dermatological list of medimar and all the information about them. Click the link and read the information about ou products.
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Medical Devices

Here you can fnd the full list of Medimar's medical devices and all the information about them. Click on the link and read the detailed information about our products.
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Latest News

EALK Step1 medical device class I

In accordance with FDA decision, EALK Step1 has been upgraded to medical device class I and with a possible extension to class B as well.

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Excellent recognition of anti-acne White Cream

White Cream anti-acne is already in the market and had a positive impact within the dermatologists due to her excellent results, and has already been in included in our exports list as a market-leading and innovative product on combating acne.

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New product 2015 DEKASKIN

Within the year 2015, MEDIMAR SA will, also, have in the market the cream DEKASKIN. A world-wide innovation for ATOPIC DERMATITIS and ECZEMA. DEKASKIN CREAM is a 2 1/2 years studies' result, conducted by leading scientists, and the first sample applications show positive signs for the treatment of ATOPIC DERMATITIS.  

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New product 2015 Aquaderm Plus

Aquaderm Plus is a UNIQUE cream for the restoration of skin damages in an IMMEDIATE way and under complete CONFIDENCE.                                Its UNIQUE content in Vitamin A and its whole composition restores DIRECTLY:                   * Skin-dryness * Inflammations              * Burns *Intertrigos                  * Sunburns* Prevention of stretchmarks                   * Skin revitalisation * Skin itch It can be applied many times during the day. Aquaderm Plus causes quick epithelial regeneration, suppresses pruritus and moisturises the skin DIRECTLY. You can use Aquaderm Plus in skin atrophies and it is NECESSARY for every household and even more necessary for every MOTHER for the care of skin inflammations in CHILDREN. * Does not contain Parabens * Does not contain Aroma For the Dermatologists is the most QUALITATIVE and SAFEST CREAM for EXTEMPORANEOUS FORMULATIONS . Aquaderm Plus has 75ml content and is VERY ECONOMICAL.   AQUADERM PLUS TOP SOLUTION for the SKIN

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Update BET-FU Cream 30gr

By agreement with the american company VALEANT sa USA, BET-FU Cream 30gr was granted for universal exploitation.

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