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Aquaderm Skrin: Special treatment for immediate relief of bruises and extravasations

Medimar SA breaks new ground once again with the formulation of the quickest, safest and most effective product for the immediate treatment of hematomas, Aquaderm Skrin.

Aquaderm Skrin is a cream with strong action against bruising, extravasations, hematomas and oedemas, whichever is the cause behind them (post-operative, liposuction, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, hits, etc.). It is the most complete and manifold composition with scientific references for fast results. It offers a significant relief of inflammation and promotes blood flow for decongestion in the areas with the problem in order for the skin to be restored to its normal state.

Aquaderm Skrin is a completely safe and without any side- effects product, since its composition consists of four natural ingredients:
• Fucoidans (anticoagulant - antioxidant - registered for its safety in the US FDA)
• Quassia (powerful anti-inflammatory - registered for its safety in the US FDA)
• Arnica (anti-inflammatory)
• Ruscus Aquleatus (vasoactive)

Aquaderm Skrin is available in a 25gr soft plastic tube.

About Medimar SA:
Medimar SA has been in the service of physicians for 40 years, by always proposing top solutions for the skin. Through continuous research and always in collaboration with prominent scientists and major research centres, Medimar SA designs products that are distinguished globally for their effectiveness.

Medimar S.A.

Medimar SA was founded in 1979 by Lazaros Marinos and developed rapidly as it introduced pioneering methods of promotion to the pharmaceutical market, establishing a leading position in the field of Dermatology.

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