A new product for the brightening of the skin and age spots

Medimar SA continues to innovate with a view of new products that stand out for their composition and effectiveness. This time Medimar SA introduces the new member of Aquaderm line, Aquaderm Silver cream, a pioneering product for the brightening of the skin and age spots.

Aquaderm Silver cream is a revolutionary cream that ensures in the most ideal way the brightening of the skin and age spots, acts as an anti-aging product, contributes to collagen production and protects the skin. The “in vivo” and “in vitro” studies of its active ingredients clearly show that they are SUPERIOR, FASTER and SAFER in comparison to all other known active ingredients.

Aquaderm Silver cream contains two active ingredients - Synovea HR and AA2G- that act synergistically in the suppression of the composition of melanin and act in six (6) at least melanogenesis stages. Also, they reduce the existing melanin, which has as a result a lighter skin color. AA2G is stabilized Vitamin C (unique pharmaceutical form!), which provides prolonged action, contributes to reducing the existing melanin and offers brightness and a uniform tone to the skin.

Aquaderm Silver cream is available in a 50gr plastic bottle with dispenser for economy during its use and in order to avoid oxidation.

About Medimar SA:
Medimar SA has been in the service of physicians for 40 years, by always proposing top solutions for the skin. Through continuous research and always in collaboration with prominent scientists and major research centres, Medimar SA designs products that are distinguished globally for their effectiveness.


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Medimar SA was founded in 1979 by Lazaros Marinos and developed rapidly as it introduced pioneering methods of promotion to the pharmaceutical market, establishing a leading position in the field of Dermatology.

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