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NIGRANTIL (for vitiligo)

NIGRANTIL (for vitiligo)


Filling the gap of discolored skin


NIGRANTIL allows the fast normalization of the color in the discolored areas, combining the action of dihydroxyacetone with the aminoacids  tyrosine and phenylalanine.Right after the topical application there is an immediate cosmetic affect while it simultaneously acts for the deep recoloration of the skin.

 Dihydroxyacetone reacts with the aminoacids and the aminogroups of the skin's keratin (Maillard reaction) forming colored substances (Melanoidins). Melanoidins are restricted to the stratum corneum and promote the skin's pigmentation regardless of process.The skin's Pigmentation appears after 2 hours of the application of the cream, it lasts some days and is unaffected by rubbing and washing.  8-14 days after the termination of application, its action stops with a light peeling of the stratum corneum.Its utilization in vitiligo facilitates a cosmetic pigme-ntation almost equal to normal skin's color.


Tyrosine is an aminoacid of the base substratum and it participates in the natural process of skin's pigmentation that is in the biosynthesis of melanine. Phenylalanine is an amino acid precursor of Tyrosine.

The topical application of tyrosine helps in the skin's pigmentation that is intense in its duration. Phenylalanine acts by stimulating the melanization or the creation of melanosomes and by preventing the production of anti melanocytes. For the effectiveness of recoloring, phenylalanine is a substance that has been much used in color's restoration.

Precautions: Avoid the preparations' contact with mucous parties (nose, mouth etc.). The preparation can also stain clothes. The tubes must be maintained tightly closed and in a cool place for their maintenance.Product FormBox with two opaque tubes, a white one that contains 25ml of cream A and a crimson one that contains 25ml of cream B. They are also accompanied by a spatula for the creams' stirring.

Packaging: Box with two opaque tubes, a white one that contains 25ml of cream A and a crimson one that contains 25ml of cream B. They are also accompanied by a spatula for the creams' stirring.

Instructions for use
It is very important to know the correct preparation and use of the product in order to achieve maximum effectiveness,.
Please read carefully the following instructions:

1. NIGRANTIL box contains two tubes, a white and a red one. The content of the white tube enables direct staining of the skin meanwhile the components in the content of the red tube, help to restore the physical appearance of discolored areas in long term.


2. Before each coating, place the same amount of cream from both tubes in a small vessel (see figure). This amount will depend on the surface area you are going to cover. Mix the creams using the spatula until you get a homogeneous mixture.

3.The coloring of the discolored points is immediate and lasts for 8-12 days. Color may differ from the color of the normal skin. This depends on various factors: the individual reaction (different types or areas of skin react differently), the amount of product and the frequency of applications.

4. We generally recommend the application of the product every other day and for a period of 2 to 4 weeks. You will determine the frequency of applications. Your opinion is very important.

5.If a darker shade than your natural skin occurs, reduce the amount of WHITE CREAM. Conversely, if the pigmentation of the discolored skin areas is insufficient, increase the amount of WHITE CREAM.

6. You have to wash the affected areas very well before each application.

7. The application should be done only on discolored areas. To avoid contact with normal skin, start from the center of the spot, spreading the product out with your finger or a cotton swab, without going over the edges of the spot. In some cases of small spots, a cosmetic brush could be useful.


8. Don’t apply excessive product, because the spread and absorption will become difficult. Generally it is sufficient to apply a thin and uniform layer of the product and gently massage the area until the complete absorption.


9. Right after the application, wash thoroughly the finger you used with soap and water (if you have used your finger), and clean the vessel in the same way.

10. If you have spots on not visible areas, we recommend you to start the application from these areas. In this way, you will find your individual reaction to the product and will become familiar with the use of the product before applying it on visible areas.

11. To increase efficiency, you can sunbathe (30 to 60 minutes), but it should be done at least 30 minutes after the application. If you are sunbathing longer or the sun is intense, you should consider the need of a sunblock, since discolored areas have less defense to sunlight.

12.The points where skin is thin need more time to be colored. On the contrary, in areas where the skin is thicker (hands, feet), the result is faster.


Produced and packaged in the EU




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