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NOVOXIDYL CAPS (stops hair loss)

NOVOXIDYL CAPS (stops hair loss)


NOVOXIDYL caps is the most innovative and complete product for the treatment of hair loss , for the creation of new hair and for the increase of the life period of the hair.


It is based in the ingredient Serenoa Repens, a natural product, potent inhibitor of 5a-Reductase: the enzyme that is considered responsible for hair loss. Maximum dose is 320mg and the administration of 2 caps of 160mg retains the medicine in higher levels in blood serum.


NOVOXIDYL contains 40mg Zinc Gluconate whose main property is the inhibition of the activity of enzyme 5a-Reductase at a considerable percentage. This enzyme has an effect on testosterone and it converts it into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for the appearance of hair loss. NOVOXIDYL caps contains 40mg (equivalent in Zinc: 11mg).
The main property of Zinc is the inhibition of the activity of the enzyme 5a reductase at a significant percentage. This enzyme affects the testosterone and converts it into DHT, which is responsible for the appearance of hair loss. Zinc is found mainly in seafood, eggs, meat and mushrooms.Zinc and Hair LossZinc plays many roles in the body: enhancing the creation of cells, keeping hormones under control, helping the absorption of various vitamins and other, thus giving the body a hand with the use of proteins. All these actions are essential for hair growth and maintenance. "We conclude that zinc may play an important role in shaping the testosterone levels in the serum '
If you can keep your hormones balanced then you can reduce the chances of hair loss and keep DHT levels under control.
There are other theories claiming that zinc deficiency causes an increase of a chemical messenger called Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-a).  TNF-a causes the immune system to attack healthy body tissues, including hair.
"Even with the best food sources body absorbs only thirty percent (30%) of zinc contained in them. So we cannot  be sure that we get enough zinc. "
Zinc supplementation is the obvious solution. There are many kinds of zinc, the most popular of which is zinc sulphate, which however is not absorbed very easily. Smarter choices are zinc acetate and zinc gluconate.
"The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of zinc is 11mg. There are generally no benefits in health or hair by going above this level. But if you drink or smoke,, suffer from stress or do rigorous exercise, then this will increase the demand of your body zinc. At such cases, you can get twice quantity (20mg) for a few weeks. (The safe upper limit is 25mg daily). NOVOXIDYL caps with 2 caps daily dose gives body 22mg. "


Apart from Serenoa Repens and Zinc Guconate, NOVOXIDYL caps also has in its composition polyphenols necessary for the life of hair.Camelia Sinensis  gives 95% polyphenols necessary for the life of hair. Olea Europea is also a  polyphenol derivative of olive.
Studies in recent years have demonstrated the pharmacological action of oleuropein as a highly potent antioxidant.It also provides anthokyanins and  flavonoids that also have antioxidant activity.
"Polyphenols, except their antioxidant properties, also increase microcirculation and have greater blood flow to the scalp."

Packaging:  Plastic bottle with 30 caps

Recommended Daily Dose: 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening for 3 months.


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